Professional Pet Sitting In Your Home

Why Don’t You Have A Pet Sitter?
With A Pet Sitter,you can go out without worring about your pets.

Welcome to Pet Sitter SOS Totsuka-Kounan Shop.

It is owned and operated by kenji Ikeda.
Pet Sitter SOS is an educational organization for Professional Pet Sitters with a network of franchises offering professional services.I am a licensed pet care advisor authorized by Japan Pet Care Association.

A Pet Sitter supports and cares for your pets in your own house.

How dou you care for your pets when you travel,business or private,or when you are in hospital ?
Forcing pets in different environment or leaving them alone in cages can cause them to get stressed or it could even make them ill.
A Pet Sitter supports and cares for your pets in your own house while you are away.

Locations available for pet sitting

Citiy of Yokohama --- Totsuka-ku,Kounan-ku,Kanazawa-ku,Sakae-ku,Izumi-ku,Isogo-ku,Minami- ku,Naka-ku・・(Also Fujisawa-shi,Kamakura-shi etc)

Service Provided

* Visiting your pets once or twice a day, feeding them,watering them,cleaning toilets and cages,playing with them,and walking them as you do.
* During cleaning their waste,Pet Sitter checks them and takes care of their health conditions.
If something comes up and you can't take your pets to their regular hospital,I will do it for you.
* Paying special attention not to transmit pet diseases.
* Insured against bodily injury,personal injury or property damege etc.
* Daily report of your pets’activities.


Payment per visit (Tax included) = Sitting fee + Traffic expences

basically, one visit is for an hour.

discounting rate depends on the frequency of visiting. you can also get discount for the regular visit (weekly or monthly unit) etc. there's also a discount for big / extra-large sized dogs.

please contact me and we'll have a talk.


Sitting fee

Kind Numbers/Weight Fee
Small animals per animal from 2,750yen additional pets
to be estimated
Cats up to two 3,300yen additional cats / 550yen per cat
Dogs up to 15kg 3,300yen additional dogs / 1,650yen per dog
to 40kg
4,400yen additional dogs / 2,750yen per dog
more than 40kg additional 550yen per 5kg
※500yen discount without dog-walking

Visiting fee

it's estimated by the time that takes to your house.

within 30mins away No charge
within 60mins away 550yen
over 60mins away additional 550yen per 30mins

Traffic expences

Money for the gasoline to be spent to get to your house.

Additional fee

time extention
1,100yen per 1hour
early morning / late night
550yen per 1hour
end / beginning of the year
550yen per visit from 12/29 to 1/4
during Golden week
550yen per visit

Cancel Policy

cancel on the day before the reserved day = 50% of the estimated price

cancel on the reserved day = 100% of the estimated price

※First meeting costs 1,100yen + traffic expences.

 (from the 2nd meeting, it costs only for the traffic expences.)

※We give you a big discount for the regular visit (weekly or monthly

unit) , or long term use.